Saturday, August 4, 2012

Creative Exchange

Wanna know what I have been up to?? Other than planning for a yard sale (post on that coming up soon), I have "met" a pretty cool person out there in bloggy land!

The Creative Exchange was put on by three terrific blogs - The Grant Life, Covered in Mod Podge, and Covered in Grace.It's basically like a craft pen pal-ish type of fun. You are paired up with someone and you create something special for them.

Kathryn is pretty amazing! I had TWO boxes waiting at my front door yesterday. And check out what was inside:

Wood Car/Road Set!

How cute is that?! LOVE IT!! And the boys loved it, too! They love getting mail, but this was a pretty cool gift/ They played with it all day and added more stuff to it. It is just so cute. Thanks, girl!!

The other box was my gift. Check it out!

Ribbon Tray!

Love! Not sure if you can see the ribbon color - it is navy blue. I'm thinking that I may put it on my kitchen table. Or I may use it in out room. I've been playing with it here and there. It is really great! Trays are always a great thing to have! Thanks, again!!

So, want to see what I made her? Well, you can't see the exact one...goofy me, didn't take a picture of it before putting in the mail.... Luckily, I got a picture of another one that I made. I hope you can't see the mistakes in the stitches. I just got back into crocheting again. Here's what I sent to Kathryn:

Crocheted Basket! 
Nifty, huh?  It is the same color. I bought waaaay more yarn than I needed. I clearly have been out of it for a while, right? I am definitely going to get back into this. 

This little project/event was a lot of fun to do and I got to "meet" a great person out it, too! I think I may do this little adventure again :D 

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