Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Understanding the Bible {Toddler Style}

We just love Andrew's school! Not only do they TEACH (it is NOT a daycare, mother's day out, etc), but they also incorporate Bible stories. As it is the beginning of the year, they are starting with the story of Creation, naturally. Well, Andrew has been a Mr. Man (shocker) lately and was not into sharing his school day - until today.

While he is sharing his treasure box treat with Alex (ah, so so sweet! makes me smile every time!), I tried again to ask about his day and shared what Alex learned while he was gone. I asked about everything - coloring pages, shapes, etc. But when I got to, "Did you read any stories or books today?" This is how the convo continued:

Andrew: Um, no. Wait! Yes, we read Bible.

Me: (trying not to jump out of the drivers seat in excitement and calmly asking) Really? What story was it?

Andrew: Oh, Garden Den (aka Garden of Eden).

Me: Wow. What happened in the Garden? Who was there?

Andrew: People, bad snake, trees and apples.

Me: A bad snake? What did he do bad?

Andrew: Girl touched the apples and dat baaaaaaad. (enter angry face by Andrew) God dead.

Um what? Ok, I know that this school is Church of God and we are Catholic, but I KNOW that these stories are the same, people. But, let me continue and explain.

Me: What? Honey, God can't die. He is everywhere. (at this point we are home now and I go get their Bible.) Andrew come here a second (he's my big boy and ran to the potty!!! Hey, I'm a mom and I can SO say that in a post! LOL)

We sit down (before getting anything else started to figure out what he is really trying to say and correct it) and look at the picture. By the way, this is the Bible they have:

Alex's Baptism gift from Rachel (and family!!) :)

Me: Andrew, is this the story? (showing him the Garden pages) And what do we see on the pages? What's happening here?

Andrew: That Garden Den. Those people went to the tree and it was baaaaaaaad, Mommy!!!(he was rather annoyed I was not getting it...I mean we had the facial expressions, hands flying, etc.). Bad bad and God died!!!

WHAT?! What is he really trying to tell me????

So then I go get my Bible. I tell him that all Bibles look different on the outside, but they say the same thing pretty much. So he and Alex are both sitting with me on the floor and we are reading the story of the Garden of Eden (i.e. Paradise and the test of free will). So, we are reading it and - DUH! - I figure out what he means and which I should have known. However, someone saying "God died" kinda threw me off a bit...Here's where I finally got what my almost 3 year old was trying to tell me:

"But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you are not to eat; for, the day you eat of that, you are doomed to die." Gn 2:17, NJV

At this point, Andrew says...ok, yells, "See? Dead!"


So, we sit for a minute more while I explain carefully that it is not God that dies. It is people. They did a bad thing by not listening and now they are doomed. I told him that it was ok though, because God send us his Son, Jesus, to help us out. Short, sweet to the point for now.

He was glad I got it (and that I corrected it) and said, "Yes, people die. Can I have ham cheese crackers now?"

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