Monday, August 20, 2012

Heading Back to School This Week!

Well, the summer has come to an end. The weather man seems to disagree, however. Last week, we had open house at Andrew's school. He is SO excited to go back. He has a few of his friends from last year in his class, too. Here is a look at what we have been doing for the back-to-school extravaganza.

 School supplies for the little big man :) That's not even all of them... I have a few more items to grab. Of course, stores have been emptied since the end of July, so yeah... I think schools should send out these supply lists in June...  But, since most of these things were similar to last year. Guess who will be stocking up for next year? ;)

 Ready to meet his teachers!!

We put together small "welcome back" gifts for his teachers, too. I found those apple containers last year in Target's dollar spot - glad I saved them. I almost used them for the end of last school year. Target had like NOTHING this year. Everyone else got their first, I guess. I have never seem Target so empty of products!

Checking out the goods in his classroom

My little guys is SUCH a BIG BOY!! 

Let the school paper parade begin!

Back-to-school central! I'll have another post on this shortly :)

Alex doesn't get to go to school this year, but we couldn't leave him out! He gets to do a bunch of fun things with Mama while Andrew's at school. 

Well, that is us getting ready to go back! Stay tuned! The first day of school pictures will be coming up later this week! YAY!

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