Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chores for Toddlers/Preschoolers

I just love that my little guys love to help out around the house. I haven't actually made any "chore chart" thing for them and am not really planning on it. Maybe down the road, but right now they WANT to help. Many times the job they are doing is something they just started doing on their own.

Andrew and Alex both help me with the dishes. Andrew is in charge of the silverware. Alex just takes everything out and hands it to me. Sometimes he knows where things go, though. 

Andrew and Alex also help with the laundry. Andrew will "drive" the dirty basket to the laundry room. And Alex will hand me stuff to put in the washer.

Other "jobs" they have:
- Picking up their toys
- Putting away the books
- Wiping the coffee table
- Putting away their shoes

They are pretty good about helping out, especially when one see the other doing something. Then it becomes this competition. That  can be a good or a bad thing... Thankfully, it is usually a great thing!

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