Saturday, August 25, 2012

1st Day of School!! {Prek-3}


Andrew started PreK-3, this week!! :) He was (and still is!) so excited about school! The night before we got ready by reading a few "back to school" books.

Of course, like last year, we read The Night Before Preschool!
We also read If you Take a Mouse to School and The Mine-O-Saur. Jason read Andrew and Alex the mouse book while I was getting their treats out. I made rice krispy treats for every one - yum!
Then, we reminded the boys how it is nice to share and not be a Mine-O-Saur. Then, once they got into bed, we read the last book. So sweet :) 

The next morning, Andrew was SO excited to go to school! He couldn't wait!! He wanted to leave when he got up, but Jason and I told him that breakfast always came first. He didn't want his tummy to be sad. Of course, he has become a smarty pants and reminded us that he does have snack time at school. Goodness... Speaking of snack time, here what he got for his first snack:

This was his little snack baggie from last year. It is from a shop on Etsy called Pineapple Spice (she may not be in business any more. I cannot find her store now.)

 Ready for school!! 

 Looking for his teacher and friends. 

Found someone he knows - his teacher!! Time to go! We love you :) 

Alex and I went to get a goodie and coffee at Starbucks. Alex wasn't too interested in it...he was trying to figure out where Andrew went. I told him he went to school. He said, "Coo?" And, then got a little bit sad. Poor guy misses his buddy. 

He got over it pretty quick once we got back, though. He helped me make cookie pops for Andrew :) 

While those were baking, Alex worked on some school work of his own. This week I am introducing the ABCs to him. I wish I had gotten pictures of what we were doing, but he was so involved and interested in school stuff like Andrew, that I didn't want to interrupt. I'll definitely get some next week when we do the letter A. I am following the lesson plans from Totally Tots - "Now I Know My ABCs." I love their website!! 

Books Alex and I read this week:
Chica Chica Boom Boom (Alex walks around the house now saying BOOM BOOM! Andrew really liked this book, too!)
Alligator Alphabet (library book)
The Jet Alphabet Book (this was a book that my little brothers gave to them that they read all the time!)
All Aboard ABC (Andrew's favorite book from the fabulous Rachel!)
We are also working with our Leap Frog Fridge Phonics, too. We had just ABC out this week, but next week the letter A will be out only. 

It was time to go get Andrew, and Alex dropped everything to run to the door. He was kind of annoyed he had to wait the 2 minutes to put his shoes on...LOL

 As you can see, the shoes never went on either.. And he is he asking where "And go?"

 Home from school!! Told us he has a great day and went right back into the routine - hot dog? playground? LOL 

 This is the sweetest thing EVER. Andrew got to pick a prize from the treasure box and he wanted to share it with Alex. LOVE IT!

I just love it :)

Lunch at the playground - so happy that this weather has been AMAZING these past few weeks. We were out he until nap time!

It was a great start to a great first week of school for Andrew (and Alex!). The first day, Alex was upset that Andrew left. The second day, Andrew was so sad that Alex couldn't come to school with him. I wonder what will happen next week.

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