Monday, August 6, 2012

Sumertime Fun {Christopher}

Whew! Summer flies by when you get 2 sets of extra hands during those wile summer month.

Yesterday, we took my 2nd oldest of my 5 little brothers home. Christopher got his turn (he's the one that came up with this idea) to spend a week with us. YAY!

 First things first - food for the week! We got the grocery shopping out of the way, but needed to grab our fruits and veggies :)

 The next day we headed to the zoo! Another great morning with barely anyone else! I love having the zoo to myself LOL 

 I could not get the boys to take their eyes off the train for a second! 

 Ready to go go go!

 Spooky tunnel

 Christopher feeding some swans

 Mr. Alligator :)

 Hot and tired after a long day at the zoo

 Another day out in the sun

 The boys both took a wild ride around the yard

 Couldn't even get a clear picture because they were so fast!

 Doing a bit of seek and find before bedtime

 Got in a little time at the playground before it got too hot

 Swinging is a great way to catch a breeze that just won't happen

 Watching a movie :)

 Made some homemade cookies (recipe coming up in a bit)

While the rest of the cookies were baking, Andrew helped me shuck the corn for dinner. LOVE this little guy!!

 And! While Andrew was helping me do that, Alex fell asleep! GOODNESS! 

Of course, we had a few game nights (and afternoons). 

Christopher was a GIANT help this past weekend, too!! We had out Yard Sale on Saturday. He helped nap time on Friday to get everything labeled and organized. It was great! We got everything DONE in 2.5 hours! Thank goodness Brendan helped the weekend he was here so we could get everything to be sold into the garage. Now all that is left is to drop off the unsold stuff at the donation center. 

It was another wonderful week with another fun brother of mine! 

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