Monday, September 17, 2012

Lightning McQeeen Birthday Party!!

WARNING: PICTURE OVERLOAD!!! I tried to narrow down the pictures as much as possible, but this party turned out amazing. Andrew said we did a "good job" and to us that is the best!

Andrew. He is a 3 year old who has been obsessed with Lightning McQueen for quite a while. He doesn't care too much about the other characters in the movie really. Though he is loving Doc Hudson more these days :)

This counter FILLED with stuff for the party that I started gathering together in June is about to turn into Radiator Springs ;)

 Goody Bags for our guests (for Lizzie's Curio Shop - where you get your souvenirs)

Pit Crew Tools - utensils 

Working late into the night on Andrew's cookie cake that he requested. It was a lot of fun, actually. Much cheaper than getting from the cookie company, right? I didn't have a cake plate for it, but I did have a bunch of cardboard boxes and a ton of racing flag duck tape. So there is the cake plate! The car came with a puzzle that was missing a piece! but was on clearance for $2.19 at Target back in July. So whatever :) The candles were found at Publix and were the last one on the shelf - nice. I just followed what the cookie company did and made it my own. Gotta love Betty Crocker's icing in a can complete with different tips :)

Here is a better picture of the cookie cake - remember, though, if you want to see these pictures better, just click on them! A new window will open up with a larger picture. 

 Getting down to some of the details - race flags for the cars and Cozy Cones for the snacks (You know, for Sally's Cozy Cone's newly refurbished!). 

Party table!! 
NOTE: I knew that having a tablecloth with a bunch of little kids could be risky. So, I grabbed my extra 3M strips and stuck them to the table and HA! No moving the table cover :) 
This is just a plain black vinyl table cover with yellow duck tape strips place all over it. 
The road toy is from the Fisher-Price Airport that my parents gave to Andrew 2 Christmases ago. This is going to hold the cupcakes. 
You gotta have the race track if you are going to have a race car party, right?!

See?! Cute, huh? Love it!!

And speaking of race cars, how 'bout them apples!? LOL (I'm telling you...this party made me even crazier than my normal crazy self.) Oh, and, of course, you can go to the race without some flags to wave. Andrew handed these out before we sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

 We couldn't have this party without our "sponsors" - Dinoco (Sprite Zero) and Rust-Eze (Coke Zero). These labels were just printed off from Google Images and put on with clear packing tape for durability. Easy peasy and made the point.

 Here are the Cozy Cones filled with perfect race fan treats - Chex Mix and Cheddar Popcorn

 No this isn't a random picture - These are the stickers and tattoos that are out for guests to get a new look via Ramone's Body Art. Gotta love it!

Finished party table!! I just LOVE how it turned out :)
Another picture of my cookie cake - it's just too cute!

How about that banner?! I can't tell you how many people slowed down to read it as they were leaving/coming down the street! Andrew LOVED it!

Well, I am going to end there for now. The party pictures will come up later tonight. My nap time break is over here. Check back here later for the party pics!!


  1. I really like your ideas, especially, the orange cups for the cozy cone motel. My daughter (yes, daughter!) is also the Lightning McQueen fan so we also had the same birthday theme in August. I wrote about it here and here
    (it's not in English, but I've enabled google translate tool, untill I make my blog bilingual)
    I can see you_ve enjoyed just as we did :)

    1. Thanks!! Yes, we have very big Lightning McQueen fans in this house. Though, I know more about that character than I'd like to admit. LOL I do learn/see/hear something new every time we watch them movie! Thanks for stopping by! Headed your way :)

  2. Hey Heather you did such a great job, my fave is the soda bottles. You thought of everything! I featured you today on I freakin did it Friday!

  3. Amewsome!! Thanks for the featuring us!!! :)


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