Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our Week in Review

We had a case of the Monday yucks...well, only Andy did, but it wasn't fun for any of us. So we headed out to the doc. And, Alex, you are one patient little dude! Thank you! Good news though...we were at the tail end of this sick bug. So he is all better!

We stayed home and did nothing to be sure this bug was gone. Back to the railroading!

And, to add on to this day. We watched as history unfolded in front of us! Around 2:45-ish our time, the news of our new pope was heard!! We are SO EXCITED for our Church. Pope Francis!!!! Habemus Papam!!!

Andy's is 100% better! Glad that is over...  I could take pictures of the back of those two all day long. I love their little heads

 But, our sink was not feeling well... For some reason it was clogged...again... (I really HATE that sink). Then, the hot water valve was broken or something. But, luckily, I'm married to the hottest engineer ever. So all was back in working condition! Thank you, honey!

 I got my sewing on later that evening and made a little zipper pouch. It's cute. But, now that I KNOW I can definitely work with zippers (er...when the pull isn't in the way... I busted my needle, darn!), I am going to be trying out some more "experienced" sewing projects. 

Beautiful day!! Andy went back to school, we played outside, and we had some news to share. 
 Alex watching the birds (see the mommy Cardinal by his dump truck?) before heading to school

Look what Andy made at school! Yes, I LOVE his school!! I'm praying that we can continue to keep him there for the long run :) He is getting so much better at writing, too. The "F" on the bottom is his. Such sweet little handwriting.

We went to the library after school to pick up a few more books and return a few others. They love looking for the frogs. 

 Time to head outside! Wow. I have TWO Mr. Independents...  (I'll have a video of Andy riding his trike later tonight)

 And, since I have 2 little people who think they are so big, why not add in a little baby? Yes! We are having another little one sometime early November!! YAY! We talked about it at the beginning of the year and decided that it was time for us. And, we knew about 2 weeks ago that we were pregnant. We just want to make it a point that things will be different this time. With that being said, this is newest book in my stack. If you are pregnant or know someone who is, this is is great book! It is not one of those "what to expect" bologna books. I, personally, hate those books. Some things are just better left to mystery... Anyway, this books gives a blurb about what's happening that week, but then goes a step further by giving a weekly devotional and an idea of what Mary may have felt like at this time. What better person to be an inspiration than the MOTHER OF JESUS? You just can't go wrong there..

 Perfect day for the zoo (and dinosaurs?)! We were outside most of the day actually. It was wonderful! 
Dinosaur invaded the zoo as a way to start off the spring! It was SO cool! We went with Kristi and her little boy. Those guys are becoming inseparable! It is adorable! 

 Andy was thrilled that he caught Daddy numerous times in a game of tag!

There's been a bit of a "gold rush" obsession at this house...the boys love that they have been "caving" the rocks to get to the gold LOL. I say "caving" because they are saying that word but mean "excavating." Such funny little guys. I can only imagine what #3 will bring to this family!

 And how about that hair?! I think the hair says it all:

What a week!



  1. Hi Heather, congrats on your pregnancy! How are you feeling? It's good that you have a better more meaningful book to encourage and support you. Happy to hear Andy is feeling better too. Not fun when even one member of the family is sick. You must live in a warm place to be outside this past week and not have to wear jackets. I'm looking forward to Spring weather!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. Cute pictures of your little boys!


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