Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend Goodies

Welcome back FABULOUS weather! We started off our weekend Friday afternoon having lunch and playing in the wonderfully warm sunshine. Yes, We started off with jackets on, but they did come off as the sun continued to shine down on our backyard. So nice! 

 Digging for gold. LOL Jason and the boys have been watching "Gold Rush" on the Discovery Channel and are a tad bit obsessed. It is cute, though ;)

 When it wasn't time to dig for gold, it was time to hit the golf course. Hmmm, maybe I should have a post on "Retirement through a Toddler's Eyes"

While Andrew was busy playing golf (Alex had to go in for a nap), I continued reading through this great book. I haven't had this many sticky notes in a book since college. It is SO good. I've already done a handful of Tami's ideas and WOW. Things have been running much smoother here. I'll have a post on this soon.

 Of course, after a while, Andy was worn out, so it was time to go in for a "tiny nap" 

I'm not sure what happened with my little man, but Andy ended up spending Saturday night on our bathroom floor... Poor guy. We had a good evening up until our movie was over (every Saturday night we have pizza movie night). So not sure...he is better now. Just has a mild fever. Weird, right? 

 After a lot of rest for me and the boys, we headed back outside for some good ol' vitamin D. This time it was time for Alex and Daddy to hit the "course."

Ahhh, what a perfect weekend (almost...poor Andy. Get better, baby)!


I ran across a few things online that I thought I'd share:

For my fellow Catholic readers: Cracks. Me. Up. Now, if only I could find one that said something about "consubstantial" - that's the one I always mess up. It just doesn't roll off the tongue very easy, ya know?

For my girls that gotta have their coffee in the morning before the day begins, I bring you "The Coffee Song" by Ralph's World. I heard on one of the kid's music stations in the car! Awesome!!

 Shirts for Ethiopia!!
A friend's sister is working hard on raising money for a mission trip to Ethiopia. She is making the cutest shirts and the one above is Andy's shirt for St. Patrick's Day!! Cute, huh? If you need some cute shirts for your kids, why not help out a girl go on a mission trip at the same time? Click here to check out story, see her designs and find out more on how to help.

 Compassion and Communion
This was started by a student at the local Catholic high school as a way to help families in need as they prepare to celebrate their child's First Communion. Ways you can help out are by donating clothing items such as: boys suits. ties, girls' dresses, veils, etc. Click here to find out more about how you can help out a family in need during a very important milestone in a child's Catholic faith.


How was your weekend??

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