Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Goodies

Well, this weekend was not as eventful as one would have hope with the gorgeous weather. I must have caught that yucky virus from Andy. Fun. Luckily, it was the weekend so Jason was home to take care of us. I slept it off and was fine later that afternoon. But, Alex caught it from me somehow (I thought I had stayed away enough. Boo.) and had it this morning. But, I made him sleep it off and he was (and still is) much better later this afternoon, too. So, HOPEFULLY, death is no longer upon us... We were doing so great, too... This was the first time any of us had really gotten sick since about a year or so ago. Darn.

Anyway, here are some pics highlighting some of this weekend. Enjoy!

 Jason pushing around the "bus" - aka the mega-sized box from my bulk Amazon order. I realized that I actually save much more getting cereals, toilet paper, and paper towels than using coupons at the grocery store. But, I'm sure the UPS man isn't a fan of the mega-sized boxes. Sorry, Mr. UPS Man. 

Catholic newspaper in out Saturday mail with the BEST news we have heard this year! I am SO excited for our Christian faith! Pope Francis is going (ok, from the stories I have read so far, he already is) to be amazing!

 Saturday he was all about figuring out how to ride his brother's bike AND wearing his brother's helmet. One day he will get it - a bike, too. But, not just yet ;)

Alex feeling better Sunday afternoon and taking everything in after a day of sleeping. 
Andy being a pirate...Captain Silly Pants. 
 Getting in on the ball-throwing fun which somehow turned into dodge ball later. Good times. 


Here a few things I thought you might like as the weekend wraps up. Just and article and some new things I plan on trying this week at some point.

For parents of young children who have that moment every now and then when you are going to pull out every last strand of hair on your head. Then, you have that one person (or a few) tell you:
“You should enjoy every moment now! They grow up so fast!” 
Just breathe and then READ THIS. 

A recipe just for the boys: 
Easy Homemade Corn Dogs - Chef-in-Training

 Starting my trek into sewing clothes. If anyone has any tips, let me know. This one looks easy, but you never know.
Boys Shorts Tutorial - MADE
Realized after Wednesday night that I need one of these...
Sewing Machine Pin Cushion - I Can Find the Time
I hope y'all are staying well and not getting anywhere near the nasty sick bug. How was your weekend? 


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