Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Crafting - Toddler Style

 Millions of crayons make for a great afternoon

 Especially if there is a box of brand new crayons! Anyone else love that new crayon smell?

 The boys have been working on a weekly project "marking off" each week of Lent. While they are busy adding stickers to their shape of the week, I read them a Station of the Cross or an Easter book.

 One afternoon was a little wild, so we had to chill out a bit. We made some Easter bunnies. Which...on a side note...what on EARTH does an whimsical rabbit have to do with Jesus? I finally figured out the mystery behind the Easter eggs...and that was found in a book. It was not taught in Catholic school or Sunday school... So anyone out there know?

 Playing with playdoh :)

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