Saturday, March 16, 2013

Do you ever get the feeling...?

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A few weeks ago I received an amazing book in the mail that gave me chills with every turn of the page. Going hand-in-hand with traditional Christian theology, this book is amazing at explaining the spiritual beings that are very active in our lives that we experience on a daily basis. Did you know that you have a guardian angel? Do you know that the room you are currently sitting in may be filled with any number of angels? Do you ever get the feeling you are being protected in some way but can't really explain it? What about those times that "voice" is letting you know that you should do this or that? All of these questions can be answered with something that everyone has - "The Haunt Detector." That knowing feeling that some thing is around you and very close.

There may not be much talk of these "beings" today as long ago. But, that does not mean that they do not exists. Father Adams from one of our local parishes spoke of angels and has had me hooked ever since. As explained in the book, he told us that when God created us, he also created the angels. Within that society of beings, there are different groupings of them: Cherubim, Archangels, Guardians, to name a few. The Guardians are what caught my attention. He told us that for each person in the world (those who have passed, here now, and will be born) have a Guardian angel. God created a "number" of angels based on people who were going to be on this Earth, basically. Each Guardian is assigned a person and that person is their job. Amazing. Brings back that "lost sense of wonder" in out world, doesn't it? If you would like to get back that wonder and mystery, this book is for you!

"The most beautiful thing we can experience in life is the mysterious." ~ Albert Einstein

First page you see as you begin this book. Love it! 

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”

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