Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break & the Weekend Rewind

Spring Break.

Warm weather, sunshine, and fun!

Well, I guess we will only get 1 out of 3... The Groundhog forgot what he told us, I suppose... Not even Florida was warm. What is going on here?! Global warming...what a joke...

Anyway, back to Spring Break. We did have a lot of fun. I got over the plague (finally) and we spent some time at Grandma and Grand Daddy's while Jason got some work done at yet another plant. I even got a mini impromptu project done.

So, here we go! We hope everyone had a lovely (hopefully, warmer) Spring Break!


 We headed out to get some fabric to make shorts, but I couldn't find what I wanted. The boys did though... Andy and Alex spied Lightning McQueen from the other side of the fabric section. So, I gave in and bought a 1/2 yard and 2 zippers to make some pouches for them. They used them on our trip to Florida to keep their special toys with them. At home they are using them to keep their stash of Hot Wheels. Such cuties! 

 We saw the sun break out for a bit and the ground was pretty dry (it had rained early that morning) so we attempted to go outside. That lasted about 20 minutes. I swear to you the sky was BLUE and then within minutes it looked like tornado weather! CRAZY. Andy (bottom pic) was pretty bummed. He knows Mommy's rule - 1st rumble of thunder and we are inside. I was a lifeguard in the Lightning State - aka Florida. Mama doesn't play with thunder/lightning. Fuss about it and you go to time out. Poor guys...they were so happy to be outside. The weather has been mean to us lately...

The weather was so bad out power was flickering and we lost the tv for a bit. So, it was time to practice our tracing. These Leap Frog toys are AWESOME.


We arrived at my parents' house just after lunch. Andy cracks me up. Last week he was really annoyed with me because we weren't going to Grandma's house for her birthday. He thought she was having a party and I forgot or something. So, my mom - the party queen - said, "We are having a party!" Well, that meant chips and dip and snacks, etc. Andy asks, "Where's the cake?! Let's make one!" So, he and Grandma made one! LOL So funny!! 
Hanging out on the back porch before dinner. And, still cold here, people... I was chilly in that tank top...
 Time for bed after a fun day. Andy is so big that he no longer fits in a pack-n-play :( Really?! So, I brought along our twin airbed for him. Alex is getting too big for his pack-n-play, too.. But I think we can get a few more uses out of it for him. We will see. 


 Hanging outside enjoying some sun shine and a tiny bit of warmth. The boys thought this little bench was pretty nifty. Taking their picture in it was another thing...

 William and the little guys playing basketball and frisbee. Andy thought he was the same size as William. So, tackled him over and over again during a quick game of football. 
 Having some quiet time before dinner - coloring and learning about monster hunters from Sean. 

 Alex and my dad having a serious discussion about trains. Love this pic :)

 Hmmm...what's that band-aid extravaganza on Andy's forehead... Grrr.. Well, after dinner, we headed out for a walk - something that my family has always done (as soon as the weather start cooperating here we will start doing that again here). Anyway, my mom has these stepping stones that Andy and Alex had been jumping across the entire time we have been here. Well, Andy took a wrong hop and cut his head. But, he is fine! Dad and I took him to CVS and got him some fancy butterfly suture strips and M&Ms. He made sure that we got some for Alex, too. Such a sweet big brother. Well, after quite a mess and band-aid applied he was back to his happy little self. All is well. 
Note: I changed his band-aids Sunday night and his cut looks so much better! It is healing quite well :) 


 We came home and I broke out the special bag of items from my mom's friend, Denise. These guys were pretty happy to be in their kitchen "cooking" up some fun. Thank, Denise!

  Once I got all the unpacking/unloading done, I ran out to grab the mail and YAY!! Look at what I got! It is so exciting to find a box from Random House at my doorstep. This is the newest book that I will be reviewing soon. I'll start reading this tonight. I'm super excited about this one! I love Father Barron!! The show, Catholicism, aired last year (I think) on PBS and it was wonderful. He has a YouTube Channel, if you are interested in hearing what he has to say about the important topics that arise in today's Church.


 Happy Palm Sunday! After Mass, we headed to lunch. I'm in a Chinese food mood these days and my sweet hubby took us out to P.F. Changs!! Love him!! The little guys loved the kids chicken fried rice and our waitress was amazing with them!

 This is our book of the week for the boys. This is a brand new publication - just released in February. It is a great book to share the Stations of the Cross with children. We read about Palm Sunday and will continue on Thursday with the Last Supper. The illustrations are great and the wording in just enough that it isn't baby-ish and they lose interest. But, it isn't so much that it is pretty easy for them to understand. If you don't have some Stations of the Cross book for children this is the one to get. I got mine on Amazon, but it may be available other places.  (No affiliate links here - I just love this book and wanted to share!)

Hope you all had a great Spring Break and are staying warm. That is just so weird to say in the South... Come on sunshine!!

{Some Things to Share}

Please keep my husband's grandfather in your prayers. He is recovering in the hospital from a heart attack. Stay healthy, Dave! We love you!

  Something cool to watch over and over again:
Remember Wile E. Coyote had those crazy contraptions and such to get the Road Runner? Well this video reminds me of that. So cool!!
OK GO - "This Too Shall Pass"

Something funny to watch:
My brother-in-law, Justin, told me about this guy in Paris dressed up like Mario and riding around town playing "Mario Kart" in real life. Wow. Andy and Alex thought this guy was hilarious!
Mario Kart Paris

 Enjoy and have a fabulous week!!

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  1. Looks like it was a great break, cant argue when theres sunshine and easter eggs to look forward to :D Hope you have a happy easter x


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