Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Consignment Sale Shopping

Wowza! I got a LOT of awesome stuff for Andrew at one of the local consignment sales. The best part is that I found great spring/summer wardrobe and spent waaaaay less than I had imagined. I even went back with Kristi on their last day of the sale where they mark most of the items to 1/2 price! Here's a look at what I found for $65!!

 7 super cute shirts

 5 nice pairs of shorts

 3 pajama sets

 2 swim trunks

And, 2 swim shorts, 2 outfits, and 3 shirts for Alex

On the 1/2 price day, I got about 5 polos, 2 shorts, and 3 tees for $25! Awesome. I heard about a few other consignment sales going on around the area so I hope to check those out for a few other items on the never-ending list. Anyone else score big last month?

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  1. What a great stash! If only kids didn't grow so fast you could put them away for Birthday/Christmas presents :)


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