Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Take Your Kids to the Art Museum

At least to the hands-on area made specifically for kids! We have heard about Bart's ArtVenture at the Birmingham Museum of Art for a while now. Honestly, I was really nervous to take them. Yes, they are quiet (for the most part) at the library and Andrew understands to use his very quiet voice at Mass, if needed. But, I don't know...this was just different, ya know? But, the good thing (in case all went terribly wrong...) was that it was FREE!! 

 Alex chilling in the comfy oval

 Andrew (and Alex off to the left) playing with the giant peg board

Andrew and Alex having a blast with the giant touch screen. Pretty cool!

 Love what they made together

 Andrew and our friend's son, Gerald, playing with the magnetic sticks (not sure of the actual name, but they are very cool)

 Alex at the chalkboard table

 And. clearly, you can see that they had so much fun at the museum!

If you have an art museum that has a hands-on kids area, I highly recommend checking it out! 

Our #1 tip: Get there RIGHT when they open! Amanda and I were so happy to see that it was a slow morning. All 3 boys had the place to themselves for about an hour! It was great :) Also, it WAS 1/2 price day at the zoo - which we stay FAR away from on those days - so that may have added to the slow morning. Most importantly...have fun!!

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