Friday, August 16, 2013

This Week at the House: Aug 12-16

Taking a look back at this week's adventures...


I'll spare you the pictures... But, apparently it was a day of "nesting" for me. I cleaned like crazy (welcome to the 3rd trimester, right?) and organized for the upcoming preschool year, organized Austin's room/dresser/closet, and even got a bit of shopping done in between thanks to my Zulily app (which is really a BAD idea...I may need to get that thing off my phone). 


Terrible pic, sorry. The boys' have been doing GREAT on getting their "school" work done after they have cleaned up from breakfast. Andrew and Alex are doing so well with using their scissors correctly (I hear Andrew's new teacher is pretty serious about scissor usage, so we are READY!). Alex now knows ALL of the ABCs - in order, in any voice (from monster-voice to quiet mouse whispers LOL) thanks to Andrew! We are DEFINITELY ready for back-to-school! We meet Andrew's teacher next week!! Then he starts the following week. Alex will start the following week. And this mama is excited! I excited for them to see their friends again and I am excited for a "mini-break" before Austin arrives in 11 weeks :)

And, speaking of getting ready for Austin's arrival...  Check out this cute onesie Andrew saw at Target.  LOL Yes, there is a reason... Andrew and Alex have both decided that orange is Austin's color and that his baby is going to be a fox. Andrew has an elephant named Tusker. Alex had a lion named Roary. So, Austin will get a fox (thanks, Nana!) and Andrew and Alex think his name should be Mr. Fox. Oh, my. I have very particular...and silly boys, don't I? I can't even begin to imagine what life if going to be like when Austin is big enough to play with them!


Oh, doctors appointments...ugh. Honestly, I don't mind going every month. I get to hear Austin's happy little heart. But this past appointment was just obnoxious. I can't stand the glucose test. No the drink is not horrible. Just a really sweet version of the red Hawaiian Punch. But, you have to down it in front of the nurses while they ask you a bunch of stuff... Then you have to wait in the office for an hour... Then you get to hand over some blood. Fun. Not. I know it is a "good" test, but really? I have better things to do than hang out at the doc for an hour. The quiet was nice, but you know. I just think that there should be a better way to figure out if I have gestational diabetes or not. Someone get on that! Luckily, there is a Starbucks at the hospital, so I busted out of there as soon as they gave me my bandaid. The funny thing about this Starbucks is that I have only HEARD the espresso machines from the other side of the wall where I was holding newborn Alex. Sweet memories. But, when you are in a hurry to get back to your regular doc appointment, you have only seconds to take in that moment. But, the good news is that I passed that test, so yay me! 


 Look who joined us for breakfast this morning! Kristi is just a month behind me and today was her appointment, so I offered to watch her little man. He is such a sweet kid!! These guys were SO funny all together. The conversations that they have crack me up - mostly because I have not a clue in the world what they are talking about. So funny!

 We played with playdoh for most of the morning. We made animals and letters to begin with. Things got crazy after a while when they all start making telescopes and horns and such. LOL

Best friends forever!
 After we cleaned up, I let them watch some Super Why and such. Then giggles galore began. Look at these silly monkeys! I love that you can see all those little legs and toes - SO cute!

The sillies didn't stop at the couch, though. All of a sudden there was this group of little men taking swigs of Alpha-Bits cereal and yelling, "CHEERS!" Ah, well...this is the cutest little fraternity in the world, right?!

 After a while it was time for Braxton to get home and EVERYONE down for a nap. But, I ran out to the mailbox before and check out what Austin got in the mail! I guess when I joined some baby club from Fisher-Price, they decided to send a gift! Fun!! 

 Alex was sleeping for a bit and Andrew was being....rather quiet... That is sometimes a good thing or a bad thing. This time it was the cutest thing! He was trying on his Daddy's belt. I heard him say it was "time for work" once he got it where he wanted it. Adorable!

One everyone was up, we had to get ready for Mass - today was the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary (a Holy Day of obligation -  so it's a big deal for us). We picked up Jason from work and headed out to grab a quick dinner at Zoe's - yum! Afterwards, we headed back to Jason's work to get his car...

 The boys were rather excited that a train was passing by ans BLARING its horn more than a few times. This is the EXACT reason why Andrew says he wants to be an engineer like Daddy when he grows up. Not because he knows that Daddy does super cool stuff with computers and robots, but because he is under the impression that his daddy is a TRAIN engineer. He knows he doesn't drive the trains really - he just thinks that he must work with the trains by using those computers and robots. LOL So cute! Yes, we have tried explaining it, but he doesn't think so. Especially at times like this one where a train (or two) is just hanging out behind his office. Love it!


Movie night! I wonder what will be tonight's pick...

And, apparently some more nesting ;) I'm working on all the games and puzzles we have just thrown in the hall closet.

Luckily, dinner has been cooking away in the crock pot since lunch time. Can't wait for our "Stuffed Pepper Casserole" YUM!!! No, this is not a crock-pot specific recipe. I just tailored it to just make it happen.

Y'all have a great weekend! Hopefully, there will be some painting going on... If not, I am sure we will be enjoying these wonderfuly wacky temperatures! It was 64 when I woke up this morning and it is only getting up to 73. Sweeeet.... 

Y'all have a great weekend!!

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