Friday, August 9, 2013

Fort Friday!

We finally got to make a tent outside! I think that was on Andrew's summer list for a while now. But, the weatherman didn't care too much about his plans. I cannot believe ALL of the rain that we have had lately! But, being pregnant in the summer, I can't complain - it has been wonderful! I don't think we have seen anything in the 90s for a long time here. Anyway, the tent!

We got about an hour of tent time before we saw the dark clouds and heard the rumbles, but the boys had fun while they could!

 Super fun,  huh? Of course, you can see that we had to move the fort indoors (bottom right picture) because it was getting scary out there! 


 Saturday...still raining. UGH. So. Over. This. At least the boys had fun playing a game with Daddy :)

 Alex apparently got worn out! He fell asleep while Jason was laughing like crazy to one of our favorite comedians, Jim Gaffigan! Which, by the way - PLEASE WATCH THIS! He is so funny (and Catholic, so the jokes are even better - trust me!)!!

NOTE: You may need to view this on wither the actual House of Woyaks website OR via that link provided. Enjoy!!

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