Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pensacola Beach {Visiting my Family!}

Well, we FINALLY did it! We took the boys to the beach! They were seriously in heaven there. They loved that they could dig and dig and dig. And, then dig some more!

We had a great weekend visiting my family! We left Friday after Jason got off work, grabbed dinner, and headed on down. We got there pretty late, but my mom (Grandma) had cookies for the boys - specially made by her with M&Ms just for these guys. We let them stay up for a bit before making them get into bed. But, they didn't put up a fight this time because they knew where we were headed in the morning...the BEACH!! 

 Thanks, Grandma! (And, thanks, Mom...I totally stole some of the pics from your Facebook! Glad you got some great ones!)


 Headed to the beach taking one of my favorite roads passing by one of my favorite bridges! Graffiti Bridge!!! Love that bridge...

 Almost there... Best sign ever!

 Totally took a picture of the famous UFO house. That place is so cool. Sad to see that they didn't put any aliens in the windows this time like they had before...

 Jason, Andrew, Sean, and Christopher hanging out in the water :) 

 Alex and Mommy taking a break from the sun with some fruit snacks 

We managed to get a picture of us 4 1/2! Thanks for getting the pic of us, Mama! 

 Building sand "volcanoes" with Sean

 Headed home after an awesome day at the beach, with a great meal at Flounder's (thanks, Mom and Dad!), and semi-worn out boys in the car! We did get to see some of our friends while we were at the beach, but darn it...we didn't take any pictures! :( UGH! We had fun seeing you, Sean and Andrea!! Jacob is SO CUTE!!!

Andrew and Alex went on a walk after dinner with Grandma, Grand-Daddy, and some of my brothers. I was too worn out to get moving again, but I was told about how super cool it was to have a drink from the water cooler on the golf course - LOL! 

And, if you are on the golf course, you have to play the game one way or another! 


 Yep, while we were in town, we celebrated my brother, Sean's 14th - eek! - birthday ON his birthday! YAY! 

 And, get a load of THAT cake. This was a Reece's Peanut Butter cake extravaganza!! Requested by the birthday boy himself and specially made by my mom. was SOOOOO good! 

Hope you had a super birthday, Sean! We love you!!

 But, sadly, our trip was coming to an end. The van was packed, the boys were ready with their backpacks, and final pictures were taken. And, YES! Those are ALL of my YOUNGER brothers! 
Top steps - Christopher (2nd oldest younger brother) and Sean
Bottom steps: William (youngest brother), me, and James (oldest younger brother)
Mr. Cool standing up is also known as Brendan (the middle younger brother)
 And, the mama who had all of us and look like possibly a sister...hello! Love ya, Mom!

Well, you got your load of baby bump shots in this post - everyone happy!? That is me in the last days of the 2nd trimester. 

We had a great time and miss everyone bunches! 



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