Monday, August 12, 2013

What Alex Built {Lowe's Build & Grow}

If you have not yet taken your kids to these FREE clinics offered by Lowe's, why not?!

1 - it is FREE!
2 - It may say recommended for 5 year olds, but both of my boys (2 and almost 4) LOVE going and making stuff with Daddy's help. I mean, if they can build stuff with Legos and put together these train tracks...well, then, they can do this.

Andrew went to his first clinic in early July - click here to check that out if you missed it.

Alex went to his first one at the end of July. He was SO proud of himself and what he made with his Daddy. They can't wait to go back and make more cool things!! And, thank you, honey, for getting pictures for us!!

 Isn't he a cutie in those goggles?! Love it!! He LOVED his RC Car from Toy Story!

Alex checking out some flowers for mama :)

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