Sunday, August 11, 2013

Flashback: July 28th- August 2nd

Flashback. Ha! Yep, 2 weeks late... Any guesses that this growing little man (and his brothers!) are wearing me out? Speaking of that - how about a baby update?

Welcome to the 3rd TRIMESTER! Woot! That's right, people. We are coming to an end! However, coming to an end means that this mama is tired and cranky and needs Sonic slushies around the clock. Why do they not have a delivery service for that? They should...does Sonic even understand the crazy amounts of money they would make from just us prego mamas? Just sayin'...

Also, the lamest part of this lovely entrance into the third trimester means that I get to drink some super yummy glucose test crap. Hmm...maybe we could put some Sonic ice in there...make it better? Ok, fine. Not that it is a terrible horrible thing to drink. It just take a chunk out of the day that I need to take a nice long nap get things done around the house and such. I mean, really? There should be a better way of doing this whole thing. Ugh...

But, the good news of this is, again, that there is an end. And, luckily, for me...this guy seems to want to beat his brothers in birth weight. So that means I'm headed for another C-section. And, you know? That is FINE. WITH. ME. No complaints here. Andrew almost literally ripped me a new one (you know what I'm talking about, mamas!) And...well, I don't really need that again. Thanks. But the wonderfully thing about this is that everything is all PLANNED! I know EXACTLY what is going to happen and when and blah, blah, blah. Anyone who personally knows me knows that I do not do well with the unknown.

Anyway, enough about Mr. Austin for now. Though, I could talk about that little guy ALL day long :) But, before we get to the fun we had, here is a picture of his room-in-progress! YAY!

 I know...I just changed around the furniture and brought in my Cracker Barrel rocking chair that was in our room. And, is STILL not painted. Can someone please  let God know that we are good with the rain and we really don't need anymore of it for a bit? Thanks...

Now...on to the pictures from the fun we had about 2 weeks ago!

 Jason teaching the boys how to play checkers while I was making dinner

 Not a very good picture, but Alex would only do this once and that was all... He always loved getting into boxes LOL

 Playing in the pool one sunny afternoon

 Alex is all kinds of chill HAHA! What a little stud. I've said it before, I know... But, I am seriously going to need a rather large "flyswatter" to beat those girls away one day ;)

 Alex got to feel Austin kick FINALLY! He was tired and that was the ONLY reason he was sitting so still that evening. I'm glad that Austin took advantage of that moment. It was so sweet. 

 Burning the rest of the week's energy (with a backwards crawling race) before our packing extravaganza. Yes, we headed to the beach over the weekend! Pictures of that will be up in just a bit - promise!!

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