Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekly Rewind: August 5-10

Well, I can finally say (after hitting the "publish" button...) that I am caught up on posting pictures! Whew! I take too many pictures... Nah, I don't think so!


Chilling in the pool in the shade 
  Awesome little Frisbee throwers! Can I just say how excited I am!!!??? I can't wait to take them to play disc golf!! I wish it said my name, Shaun's, and the others whole helped in the making of this, but here is the course we designed! So cool, huh? Eh, at least I have all the paperwork from it still ;)

 Ok, you have to look very closely to see...but Andrew is chasing this dragonfly that keeps coming to our yard. He's pretty big, too! It is just to the right of his head. 


Spelling their names with Super Why! Alpha-Bits Cereal at breakfast!


Zoo Day!!

 Letting Mommy rest make a menu plan/grocery list while watching "The Cat in the Hat"

Making a puzzle while I make dinner


 Putting together Jason's lunch one morning. I put a surprise message in his lunchbox! Gotta love it!

 Look where I found the smaller one during nap time - love him!

 Another cute moment captured while making dinner


 UGH! Laundry day... At least I have some super cute helper boys who think that making a laundry train is the best thing ever. :) 

 2 boys, a bug, and a dump truck. Sweet. 

 Of course the outside play didn't last long...rain! But, we did see a great surprise out the window afterwards! Love rainbows!

 They were pretty impressed, too!

 Once the rainbow faded away, they had to get back to their puzzle making. This puzzle (similar) is so LONG!


Jason's company picnic was Saturday. It was a lot of fun! The boys thought that the boat was the coolest thing there (except the great food!). Thanks, again, Mr. Ken, for letting the boys hang out in your boat and giving them a ride! They LOVED it!!!

 Checking out the boat

 So pretty! 

 Headed out for a little ride (and, yes...they had their puddle jumpers on at this point)

 I enjoyed the bits of sunshine on the dock as they headed out. 

What a great week!! Hope y'all had a good one, too!


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