Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

Welcome back to another installment if Five on Friday! Here's what goodness was happening this week!

Family Game Night
What a great way to start off the first weekend of the new year!

Andrew was the first to pick the game (next game night is Alex's turn). Candy Land is such a great game. Though, I really wish we had the original...this new version is all jacked up in my opinion. Queen Frostine has been demoted to Princess Frostine?! What is that about...? So weird. But, I'm not the only one worried...there are other characters that have been changed. This blogger has quite a bit to say - complete with pictures - about the "cultural evolution of Candy Land" that has happened over the year. Quite interesting to read. {click here}

But aside from my thoughts about the 2010 version of Candy Land, we had a great time playing together. Lots of giggles were heard and kisses stolen between turns. So much fun!

If you do not have a family game night yet, try it out. My boys (4 and 2.5) are still in the learning stages and getting over the "I can't win all the time" phase. But, if you don't play...they will never learn. It is OK to lose. Get over it and try again. 

Most importantly... HAVE FUN!!


Over the weekend we put away our Christmas decorations. I love the holiday season but, we just couldn't take the chaos anymore. Almost everyone was sick over the break and school was starting this week anyway. So, it was time.

This year, though, I did something a tad different with how I put away the boys' ornaments. They made so many adorable ones, got different ones as gifts from friends/teachers, and a new ornament added for every Christmas that they now have their own boxes of ornaments. So sweet.


Popcorn for dinner night!

This was so much fun! We made movie butter popcorn and kettle corn. YUM.

They boys are clearly excited! LOL

If you don't have a Whirley Pop...get one. It is FAR better than that microwaved stuff. Really. We had a taste test. So threes kinds of popcorn, people. Quite a spread. Thanks, again, to Justin and his fiance Kate, for the awesome Whirley Pop!

Wait, what? Did you catch that?

Yes, Jason's brother, Justine, is getting married!! 

 Are they not the cutest?! Congrats, Kate and Justin! We can't wait to see y'all in March!
Thanks for letting me share your photo, Kate!


Ok, so funny story about these cups (found at the ever-so-awesome Target)...

Jason and I were talking about our "probably not going to happen but let's just do it for fun" bucket list, and both of us would LOVE to go to Rome. Well, all of Italy, actually. But Rome/the Vatican is the first stop for sure. Anyway, the next morning Andrew and I run some errands and I spotted these cups and about died. A sign maybe? LOL...noooooo....maybe.... But, very cool just the same. Now we are enjoying our warm beverage of choice and always keeping Rome in mind.


Fabulous! So what goodies do you have to share?

Have a great weekend!

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