Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday

Welcome back, Friday! We have missed you...Here are the things that have been happening this week at the House:


Railroads. All shapes. All sizes. But, NEVER under any circumstance will you get stuck on a loop. Unless Mama makes it...


The freezing cooking frenzy begins. Last weekend The boys helped me make mini banana muffins (top) and mini Apple-Zucchini Muffins (bottom) for their breakfast/school lunches. YUM!


Pizza/Movie Night. We were invited to go out with a bunch of friends from church to on e very cool pizza place. We had the arcade room packed with all of us! It was super fun! Andrew and Alex thought it was so cool to play these old school video games and hang out with their friends for some yummy pizza. The kids had two booths to themselves and all the grown-ups actually got to hang out and chat. Good times!


Mail time! Two of the many books that I plan on reading this year showed up in the mail! YAY!

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Some one is growing up much too fast... Austin is 10 weeks old!! He is super smiley, super happy, and one amazing little buddy to two big brothers. He is sitting in the bumbo seat more and more now. He loves watching his brothers play with trains and catches a glance at the TV every now and then. But, once he spies's "Hey! Pick me up now!" time.


So what's happening at your House this week?

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