Friday, January 3, 2014

Five on Friday

 Happy New Year!! 

Welcome back to the House, y'all! I am hoping to get a lot of great things added to the blog this year. Obviously, you will see more pictures because, hello? Why not, right? There will be a few more reviews/giveaways, freezer cooking posts, new recipes and a lot more. So make sure you are keeping up with us via Facebook or Instagram!

Here are the few remaining favorite pics of the year. Can you believe it is already New Year's Eve?? This year has really flown by...


Crazy post-nap hair. I love it.


 Love of my life loving the smallest love of ours

 So sweet


 Silly Alex sporting my sunglasses and Daddy's face mask that he uses when mowing the lawn. Haha!


Ew. The sickness took over our house late Christmas Eve night and just left us yesterday. Nasty bug, don't come back!


Getting our "thank you" notes done! Dear world, teach your children to WRITE a thank you note... Seriously. Do it.


  1. Found your blog thru the 5onFriday hop.
    I agree with your #5! Thank you cards are awesome! We are writing ours this week!!


  2. LOVE that your kiddos are writing the thank you notes...and the pics to go along with them....SO STINKIN PRECIOUS!!!!!! xx


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