Thursday, January 2, 2014

Austin {8 Weeks Old}


My, oh my. How time flies. This, big guy is growing by the second! But, yes. He is 8 weeks old today. Crrazzzy!

I mean, really. I don't remember life flying by this fast when I had Alex. And it certainly moved at a snail's pace when I had Andrew. But, luckily he is still a "tiny baby" for a moment.

Though he does think he is a big kid... He loves to play more and more these days.We are trying to do more tummy time since the Little Mister is not a big fan of it. It's good for him to gain that neck strength, but he is just not in the mood for it like my other two were.

And, speaking of being bigger...we are finally getting on a routine since be better again. Ugh, having 2 sick boys (Alex and Austin) and a sick husband is NOT fun - especially during Christmas. But, we are all well and good now. Thank goodness! He is up to eating his 6 oz per feeding again. Much, much better than 2oz last week. That was rough. But, again, thankful it is over. We are also almost done with out 2am/3am feedings - YAY!!

 And on that sleep note...he thinks it's pretty nifty to be able to fall asleep anywhere.

At any time...even holding on to his binky...


And fall asleep in the Moby Wrap. Which is quite nice on cold days.  Love that little snuggle bug!

Side note: I'm attempting to be IN the pictures more instead of BEHIND the camera. The sun was rather bright this day. You wouldn't know it though since it was a rather lovely 36 or some bologna that day.

Austin is pretty laid back compared to the wild monkeys living in our house boys. We were blessed yet again with another sweet little guy. He loves to smile at his brothers and listen to them talk. He loves "talking" to Daddy now that he has started to find his voice. And, he loves to snuggle with anyone who will let him.

And, we love every minute of it.

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  1. He is such a sweet little guy! Lincoln isn't a big fan of tummy time either :)


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