Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Backseat Driving

So, who knew that a 4 year old and a 2.5 year old would be the world's most...hmmm. What's a better word for annoying...? They are super cute, but after 10 miles it's, like, "Ok, guys. I got this."

Cheesin' at a red light

This is the conversation this morning on the way to school:

Andrew: Whoa! Alex do you see that school bus?

Alex: Where you see it?!

Andrew: On that big bridge that Mommy is going to go over in a minute. [insert overly exaggerated sigh] What? A red light? Oh, man.

Alex: Yeah. Oh, man.

Andrew: It's green! Mama, catch up to that school bus! Hurry!

Me: I'll try, but there is a lot of traffic, guys. And he's in the other lane.

Andrew: Well, get over then. No one is in this lane.

Alex: Go mommy!

Me: Guys, I can't there is a blue truck out Andrew's window. I can't get over right now.

Andrew: What? No there isn't. [pause followed by giggles and whispers] Alex, how did she know that? There is a blue truck there now.

Alex: I don't know. [giggles]

Andrew: Mama, the blue truck moved. Can you get over now? How are you seeing things behind you? Your mirrors?

Me: Yes, my mirrors are telling me. [finally able to move over]

Alex: Go mommy! There's the bus!! It 3 cars away!!

Andrew: Oh man, another red light!

Alex: Oh, no! We have to go school now, red light!

Andrew: Greeeeeen! [exaggerated sighs] Why isn't anyone going? It's green, you cars!

Me: [thinking to myself] I wonder where they get this from...snicker, snicker. Note to self - stop yelling at traffic...

This little conversation of catching up to a random school bus goes on even after the school bus turned and is no longer in sight. I hear things about trains, the traffic on the other side going to the city buildings, lights turning on, police cars catching bad guys, etc. It is hysterical. I'm cracking up in the car the whole way there. So funny.

I need to record/write down more of these conversations... They are like little grown-ups. Which, of course, makes me realize I need to talk nicer to some of these lovely drivers...

Someone got hungry...and flirty in the car rider line

Do you have backseat drivers, too?

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