Thursday, February 12, 2015

2015 Hair Trend: Bedhead Mohawk

Note: As with all hair trends, please understand that not everyone can pull this off. Style at your own risk.

Start sleeping with partially dry hair, people. It's not just the bedhead look that is's the bedhead Mohawk! Watch it, now! That's right - the Mohawk is cooler (and cuter) than ever.

Good morning!

Why all the photos?

You're making me shy...

Seriously. You can stop now.

This is an all day look that needs no products or styling at all. Especially is you have baby-fine hair. 

Playing around while rocking that Mohawk

Even during school, the Mohawk is still great look!
What a cutie I have, right?! He's napping now. I wonder what it will look like when he wakes. I kind of hope it is still around...


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