Friday, February 27, 2015

7 Quick Takes: Current Happenings

1. The Tiny One - Take 2

12 Weeks, 2 Days

So, this wee one of ours MUST be a girl. Only because this one is already causing drama. But, I could be wrong still. I won't know until either next appointment or the one after (I haven't decided yet).

I go into my what was supposed to be regular 10 minute prenatal check-up. And, suddenly it turns into an hour. Little Bit didn't want anyone hearing his or her heartbeat. Nice. Mommy appreciates that... Let me back up a tad. I'm slightly worried (every pregnancy) that something bad will happen. This one more than the others. I know... Lame. And, I will be 14 weeks tomorrow - still not one bit of movement felt (though...we have been extremely busy so I could have missed it).

Anyway, Dr. F. has a shadowing doctor right now and she had an issue with finding the heartbeat. But, it was fine... Dr. F. will find it. Only, he came in and 20 minutes later he STILL couldn't find it. UGH!

They both left and got the ultrasound tech to take me next. Seriously?! But, it was interesting how I felt all of a sudden... I knew that it was going to be fine. And, whatever the would still be fine. With everything that has happened lately, I was honestly ok. I just said a quick prayer and waited until my U/S.

Thankfully, Little Bit is perfectly healthy and (even though I can't feel anything yet) was rolling around like crazy in there! So, all is well and we should know very soon which "A" name will be announced! YAY!!

2. Baby Bump Photo Yet??

Sorry! I don't have much of a bump just yet. But, someone did say that I was starting to look pregnant! So maybe next week you can have a pic. Maybe.

3. Train 'Em Young!

Austin's new favorite thing to do is push the laundry basket around the house. As long as he has Baby Fox helping and gets to keep the basket when he is done, he loves helping Mommy!

4. A New Cousin is Coming Soon!!

Those two boys... They crack me up! So we walk into Belk the other day to just get out and put and end to cabin fever. And, of course, they say, "Oooooohhhh....not a mommy store!!!! Where is the Lego store!?" As soon as I explain that Silly Mommy just wants to find something extra to put into Aunt Kate and Uncle Justin's box (I swear...I will send it out tomorrow, guys!!), they were ALL OVER THAT. They each were grabbing this outfit and that outfit. Asking what number we should get. In the photo, Alex (front) is trying to figure out where the pants are to those onesies. Andrew is trying to figure out why that girly outfit is blue when it should be pink in his head. All the questions and comments about items for Baby Keira were so funny!

Note: Just so Kate and Just know...those are NOT the items I chose. There is no pink only because I'm assuming that you have way too much of it from the baby shower (saw that happen at another shower I went to). Also, I realized that girl clothes are overwhelming. So, if this is a boy again... I will be TOTALLY fine with that!! Haha!

5. Snow Actually Happened. 

After an ENTIRE day of waiting and waiting for the mysterious snow storm to come, the snow finally decided to fall. At bedtime. Stupid snow. Anyway, the boys were SO happy when they woke the next morning and gobbled up their breakfast as fast as anything, Austin included, to get their gear on and go out in the slushy mess. Can you tell I'm not a big fan of that white stuff?

6. Snow Explorers

Really. That's what Andrew decided their name should be where there is snow. Austin walks in the snow like a champ, by the way. Alex and Andrew's first times in the snow...they looked like little cats with tape on their paws. This guy? He was born for walks in the snow... Hope he knows down the road that the South is the only place one should live though. I can't do the North. I just wont survive. Like, for real. Still not sure how I survived our Minnesota trip! ;)

7. The Great Thaw

Around these parts, if the boys have been playing outside and it is under...maybe 50 degrees? They request hot chocolate to be ready where they are almost done playing outside. Lately they have been requesting hot chocolate in a "real mug" and are just so excited when I deliver. I may have to let them pick out their own special mugs once we can move to the new house!

Good times once again!


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