Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Menu Changes, Giving Up, and Taking On

Yes! It is Mardi Gras!! This means, of course, that Taco Tuesday will be replaced with PANCAKES!! And King Cake for dessert! YUM...


But, Taco Tuesday will return. However, other days will have to be changed around and all. Because after Mardi Gras, the Season of Lent begins. Are you ready?

Hmm. Maybe you aren't entirely sure what Lent is... This may help explain it better than I could -

"Lent is a time to stop and reflect. It is a time to grow closer to Christ, through prayer and fasting, through abstinence and almsgiving. The different ways to do this are as unique and varied as the individuals who make the practice. Let’s chat about the ways we hope to draw closer to the Lord as we enter the 40 days leading up to Easter." from Blessed Is She

Ok, now that is taken care of, let's get down to business. I know... There is just already SO MUCH going on at the House (this one and the new one!) that maybe we don't want to add anything else to our long list. But, that's not what this is about...what we want...is it? And, looking back at the past month and a half of all the amazing things that have been happening within our family, I'd say we owe MUCH more than just a change in the menu plans.

For the Mama

The "commercial" side of giving something up:
This is going to sound insane... But, I have done this before... I am giving up - GASP! - Target. Yep. The big red store of amazing goodies in every aisle and on every end cap. But, it could be easier this time... I don't currently need/want anything because we are moving (that will change once we move LOL I'm kidding, honey! Maybe.). But, still. I love that place. So, it will be hard. But, our wallet will look better.

And, since this goes hand-in-hand... I'm also giving up the specialty coffee drinks. I can drink coffee at home. I don't need that "special" cuppa while I'm out. I have an awesome travel mug. Hello?

Personal/Spiritual Renewal:
I have GOT to stop worrying so much. About everything. This Baby #4 is going to be fine. We ARE going to move before Andrew starts Kindergarten. We ARE getting that amazing house. I know all of these things. But, still. Apparently, I like to worry. But, technically technically I need to not do that. And, besides...it's in Matthew anyway. So there. Not allowed. This will be VERY hard for me...

On the flip side... During our Madonna and Child meeting last week, it was said that when you have a hard time with whatever it is that you are giving up/improving/etc, give it up to God. So, instead of my obnoxious worrying, I plan to counteract it with a prayer of thanks instead. Ann Voskamp has that down for sure! 

For the Husbands:
I'm not entirely sure what his plans are this Lenten Season. But here are some ideas for those men out there. Last year (maybe the year before, too), Jason did an awesome job (way better than me) at praying the Rosary every night before bed. Maybe you could pray for your wife everyday? Or your kids? Maybe give up that plate of meat one extra night (not just on Fridays)? Maybe even give up your lunch and go to a Daily Mass instead? 

There are a TON of things that your husband can do for Lent. Maybe he just needs a prayer of guidance?

For the Boys:

Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure - I JUST signed up for this while looking for something for them to try. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will get an email for the activity of the day: a video, activity page, daily prayer, etc. It is for 5-12 year-olds. Andrew can definitely do this. Alex may need some help, but he can join in on the fun. And, Austin...he can have a few crayons and some paper. He has to be in EVERYTHING these days.

We are also going to try to read a bible story every night from the Jesus Calling Storybook Bible. The boys love the pictures and Jason and I love the prayer/questions that are at the end of each story. Win-win for all.

Ah, Lent. It is a good time of the year, isn't it? A time for change and growing closer to the One that is making it all happen (whether or not you see it just yet).


Do you need some help with ideas? Try this flow chart out! Oh, it is great. If that was too goofy, check out what others have planned over at Blessed Is She.

Happy Mardi Gras!!


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