Thursday, February 19, 2015

Men See Fire. Need More Wood.

Last week we got our fireplace going after years of not using it due to the little people that run wildly about. Also, we wanted to make sure everything was in proper condition for the Open House and for whoever may move in next.

Little did I know that having a fire roaring once again, meant that these little people (and their fearless leader) would revert back to primitive times...

Sure, we have the Duraflames and some extra wood from our awesome neighbor. But that was not near enough for what they were going for. Not at all.

Cave Man Daddy takes the bigger offspring, Dino Boy and Runs Wild, to Big Hill.

You have to look REALLY hard. But they are up there. There is an orange bucket off to the left and they are over on the right. Hunting. And gathering.

You can maybe see them better here... The Boys have blue jackets on and Jason's white tee in hanging out the back of his hoodie. They were out there for like 45 mins. Maybe longer.

But they came back bearing gifts for Cave Mama and Little Squealer

Also, they loved showing off how strong and powerful they both are.

My cave men did a great job at finding the finest firewood in all the land! Look at that fire!

Cave Mama happy. Cave Mama make dinner now.

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