Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sometimes Wii Win - Sometimes Wii Lose

It is entirely TOO COLD outside. We seriously cannot wait for the amazing weather to return...

In the meantime, we are running out of things to do, games to place, and places to go. So, it is time. Time for the Wii.

Note: There are 2 videos at the end. If you cannot see them you may need to click through to the blog post. Enjoy!

Andrew LOVES playing Frisbee Dog! He's getting better at it!!

No. Austin is not actually playing the Wii. He has a Wii Candy Dispenser Remote that Rachel and I found at Toys R Us ages ago. Need one for your little Wii player so they don't feel left out? Click here. He is pretty cute "playing" along, though! Andrew would make his guy do something and Austin thought it was him LOL So cute and so funny! He's very serious about it!

Andrew's Victory Dance Celebration

Alex's Quiet Win

So, how are y'all fighting the never-ending Cabin Fever?? I need some more ideas... Or a new Wii game for preschoolers.

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