Monday, February 9, 2015

House Showing Time {Trial Run}

Now, come on. Y'all know that I'm all about having things in perfect order (though sometimes it may not look like it...). So, of course, I had to make sure we could get our act together should someone want to see the house in about a half hour.

Photography by Jennifer Branham

This means:

Toys picked up
Everything put back in it's place
Dirty clothes in washer
Bathrooms freshened
Kitchen back to photo set up and freshened
Pretty items for showings out
Candles lit
If time, vacuum once more (or Jason does this while I get the boys in the car
Boys in car
Bag ready and in car - this is my backpack for all of these munchkins (snacks, diapers, drinks, etc)
Lights on
Get out!

The boys and I got this all done in about 25 minutes on the day we tried this out. On the day of a showing (who ended up changing the day - but that's fine. We knew what needed to be changed up!), the boys were already in the car from a birthday party/Costco. Also, the house was picked up and ready to go before we left. Jason vacuumed and put away the fridge/freezer stuff (the rest stayed in the car). I ran through the house putting out the pretty things, lighting candles, and turning on all the lights. Easy peasy.

Back to our trial run day...

As soon as I had everything ready to go and the boys were in the car, we headed over to one of the nearby playgrounds. And, apparently, this one got a makeover!

Good times and a good trial run!!

We are definitely ready! Let's sell this house!!!

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