Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Big Cats, News, and Cool Backstory to a Favorite Song

Zoo day!! It was one of the warmer days of the week, so we had to GET. OUT. OF. THE. HOUSE. 
Alex AKA African Story Teller
ROAR!!! For real. This guy and his buddies were sounding off most of the afternoon. Cool.

This guy wasn't planning on making any sounds. But, wow! He is SO gorgeous!
Not mad or anything. Just serious. Very serious about being the kings of the rocks. And also the leaders of the secret path.
Another favorite animal. Callee was getting his check-up and training taken care of today.

What do you see, monkey?

Oh! Another monkey!!

Beautiful day. Can't wait for another one. We need the warm weather to return. This is just ridiculous! We live in the South, for crying out loud! We should be enjoying sweet tea and swatting at mosquitoes (ok, them not so much...).


BABY NEWS: 11.5 weeks and I just started to show (to the point of  "Oh, you're pregnant!" Not, "Oh...watch those mochas..."

HOUSE NEWS: We have some interested people! YAY! Also, we are hosting our Open House this weekend. Wish us luck and send us prayers! We need to MOVE!! 

ETC NEWS: I just realized I now have 6 MONTHS until I have not just a newborn baby, but also - gasp! - a KINDERGARTNER!!! Whoa... 

RANDOM NEWS: Have y'all seen this?? This just may be this new baby's song <3 If you are a parent or will be one soon, I really recommend you hear this. I loved this song and was too young to "get it" but was one of the many who actually didn't "get it" like he said. Such a cool and very sweet story! 

Article HERE - a good read!

(Note - can't see the video? Click here!!)

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