Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gorgeous Weather = Good Fun!

Ok, it has been absolutely perfect outside for the past 2 weeks! I've been lazy on posting, I know. I get so tired at night now, I just go to bed and say I'll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow apparently means days later. LOL!

Playing with his favorite giant red ball. If we are in Target and happen to pass the toy section, he tries to find his ball. He's so funny!

He loves the grass!! He's going to love it even more when it is the lovely green once again. 

Drawing a picture for Mommy. 

Getting the digging stuff out. 

This is where he lets me know that he needs a chair for him. He told me that is Daddy's... He pointed to himself and said "Me." I said, "Yes, you can sit there." Then, he says, "No. Daddy." Then, still confused...I say, "Yes, but you can use it now." He begins to get frustrated and says, "NO! Daddy! Me!" 
He wants a chair for him. 

Playing golf again. I need a pool.... LOL

So, this is the golf bag... However, he seems to think it is a lawnmower. What a silly pants!

Maybe here is where he decides it is a golf bag...

Football time!

Ok, I'm gonna say it... I have the HOTTEST husband ever! 

I had to do this... It was an accident picture. I was trying to zoom in on Andrew, but Alex kicked me rather hard and I flinched...thus taking a picture instead. Alex is apparently making himself known :)

Enjoying the grass and watching the planes go by.

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