Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Andrew and I made some yummy green oatmeal cookies this morning to have after lunch! I was going to put his green shirt on, but he wanted to wear this one. I give him choices now and he picked the "big brother" one. At least the "brother" part is green :) Anyway, he loves helping me make cookies...really, he loves helping me "cook" whatever it is that I am cooking/baking. He's my little Kitchen Leprechaun! 

 Ready to make cookies!

"I like watching it spin around."

"Why aren't they green yet?"

Added the green food coloring...


Mixed and ready to be baked

They aren't baking fast enough...

"Hmmm...I've never eaten a green cookie..."

"They do look really good though..."

Munch, munch...


 Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Crazy About My Baybah


  1. He is too cute! Those are some great pics - and I love how you have him helping in the kitchen... Big Brother - Did I miss something - I am so out of the loop sorry!

  2. Thanks! He loves to cook! And, lol - yeah, in 4 weeks he will be an official big brother. We are having another boy! :D

  3. So sweet! We should have done a baking project today, what a great idea.


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