Monday, March 28, 2011

Fixer Man

So, I finally got Andrew his tools. It's only been forever since I made his little tool belt that turned into a tiny chef's apron and a dinosaur utility belt... But, now he really can use it as a tool belt!

Is that not the perfect shirt for this, too? A total coincidence! The front reads:
"CAUTION: Under construction. Please excuse my mess"

Putting the tape back in...

Now to measure the floor. 

Getting ready to measure something!

Ah, the door frame.

Oops, he dropped it... But see the back of his shirt! LOL
"WARNING: Adult Supervision Required"

Oh, now to fix Daddy's chair. That secret side compartment is always falling out...

And, that door frame just isn't right....

Gotta measure it again...

And a last check on Daddy's chair :)

Fun time!! I was super happy to finally find a cheap-o tool set :) The hammer we had (actually we have 2 hammers...) and the screwdriver, pliers, and tape measure came from ToysRUs for $5. Nice :)

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