Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Simple Things

Time again for The Simple Things! :D 

 Andrew just loves Thomas! Which is super because I (and my oldest little brother, James) grew up watching Shining Time Station on PBS. But, then, it evolved into Thomas the Tank Engine. And, today it is called Thomas and Friends. Sure does make me feel old... Anyone else remember it being called Shining Time Station? The conductor guy was so cool. He was really tiny and told the stories. Anyhoo! Andrew will grab his basket of tracks and engines and everything else he can to make a very cool place (with a bit of help). He plays for hours with this stuff. For real!! Though, as much as I thought he loved Thomas, he seems to really like James much more (which, yes, James gave to him lol). The funniest thing is hearing him "play" out different engines and people. Like, he will get Sir Topham Hat and make a deeper sounding voice and "talk" to the engines - I can only guess it is about those silly engines causing "confusion and delay" since that is usually the case... It's pretty cool to watch his imagination grow.


  1. look at our little 'engineer'! He is precious and we love him soooo much! xoxoxoxo!

  2. ooh! lol! meant to say I loved Ringo Starr as the conductor when it was Shining Time Station, back in the day! ha ha!

  3. I saw this on Rebecca's blog. What a sweet photo! As one who is trying to conceive, I LOVE looking at photos of kids. Your son is a cutie! My younger brother and sister loved Thomas, too, and had a train table when they were little.


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