Monday, March 7, 2011

Healthy Toddler Snacks

Crazy About My Baybah

I don't know if you know or not, but...(I'm gonna brag for a second here...) I was the highlighted blog over at Crazy About My Baybah!! How awesome is that?! Lolo is the super mom who puts this "Toddler Talk Thursdays" together with two other great blogs every week, Sippy Cup Mom and Family and Life in Las Vegas. If you have a chance to check out these mommy blogs, do it! They are pretty awesome.

Anyhoo! There's been a lot of crazy going on here lately, but somehow it all works out. Must be magic. That is the only answer that I can come up with for most of it. But, for the healthy much as I have tried this (not that it hasn't worked, but there are picky eater moments...) every single day, Jason is the one that is making us all eat better due to his P90X. He has now started week #3 and is doing great :)

But how's this helping us? Our grocery shopping has gone from prepackaged yucko to yummy homemade goodness!

Andrew has always been a great little eater, but now that he is entering that lovely stage of knowing what he does/doesn't want and trying to get away with things... He was becoming a little picky. But, that quickly changed when he saw what his Daddy was eating!

So, snacks that used to include goldfish and similar things have now changed into this:

Mid-morning snack - Multi-grain Cheerios or Dan-o-nino Yogurt (these are the cutest little yogurts for tiny guys that I have ever seen!)

Afternoon Snack (after naptime) - Cut apples or grapes

Drink to go with the snack - PediaSure Sidekicks (we are still trying to figure out which flavor he likes more...)

And!! The amazing thing is that because we have done this consistently for 2 weeks (now starting the 3rd), he asks/wants those choices over other items.

Though, I'm sure if he saw chips or something he would be just fine with that, too. LOL. :)

See? Mr Healthy Eater Man! He's got turkey, cut apples, cut bananas, and some yogurt on that adorable plate. :) YUM!

So, now that we've got out snack habits down... I wonder about teaching manners at the table. LOL - that could be tricky!

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