Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Anyone with kids probably knows about Nick Jr's show, Dino Dan. I'm pretty sure this show is geared towards the older preschoolers...even elementary students. Dan is 10, so that's one reason why I think that. Another is that he's teaching every one about dinosaurs. Names I can't even pronounce. Telling us about some creatures I never really knew existed. It's a pretty cool show. And, my little man may be Dan's youngest fan. Andrew knows that after naptime he gets to watch this show. It may come on at 4...but even if it's only 3 something. He will grab his dinosaurs and sit patiently for me to turn it on. He's 18 months old, people. He is just now starting to really talk to us with real words. Yet his favorite show is for an older crowd. What a silly guy! Today; however, he wanted to BE Dino Dan. He was trying to put his dinos in his pockets. See, Dan has this nifty explorers vest...Andrew was trying to have one, too.

Here is Dan with his nifty Dino-vest:

And, here is Dino Andrew with his Dino-belt (it's supposed to be that tool belt I made a while ago...):

We've got the dinosaur shirt, which he picked out this morning from the 2 choices I gave him. His dino-belt packed with dinos. Mr. Longneck below. And, of course, Tusker, his trusty sidekick. Oh, and don't think that he doesn't know which dinosaur is what. He knows exactly which one is the T-Rex and the Stegosaurus. He's learning about that orange raptor... And, no one knows exactly what Mr. Longneck is...his tag says he's an Apatosaurus. I thought he was a Brontosaurus. Whatever. That's why he is now named Mr. Longneck.

Well, I suppose I am going to go on a search for an explorer vest pattern, a notebook...ahem...dinosaur field guide, and some explorer gear now. Have a great rest of the week!

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