Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Toy or Not A Toy? That is the Question!

A million toys. Cars, trucks, blocks, legos, animals, dinosaurs, Thomas playsets, outdoorsy toys... He has is all, right? Yes, but he chose to play with cardboard pieces from the box his dresser came in back in January:

I should have taken more pictures, but he's tricky now. He stops whatever he is doing when I touch the camera now... Stinker. Anyhoo!

He plays with all of the pots, pans, colanders, baking sheets, anything that he is allowed to get into in our kitchen. Though, he gets pretty annoyed when my giant stock pot doesn't fit on his stove. He still tries though. But, out of all of my kitchen things that he has ever gotten into, this is the funniest thing ever:

Wow...he's so much bigger now. This pic was taken back in October (13 months old). Now, he's 18 months. Time flies!

So, anyway, we've learned to not buy so many things now since he ends up playing with odd things. He has gathered quite a collection, too. This is what he has so far:

Taped up grocery boxes for his kitchen. 
Toilet paper/paper towel tubes for binoculars, horns, and whatever else he decides it is supposed to be that moment. 
Empty plastic containers for anything he can put inside.
An old kitchen towel.

He's so funny. He asks for things that he can have, too, if he see me going towards the trash can. He's learning to live green early, I suppose. Good for him!

If you have any odd "toys" that your kids play with, then you should definitely link up with Toddler Talk Thursday today! Good stuff!

Off to enjoy the rest of naptime :)

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  1. My little girl loves to get into the pots and pans and empty boxes! Half the time she'd rather play with the box instead of the new toy that it came in!

  2. Oh my word, how cute is he in that bowl??!!

    I love that he'll ask you for things before you toss them. What a sweetie :)


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