Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Big Brother in Training

Andrew is going to be a big brother in exactly 5 weeks (as long as things go smoothly before then...we will see)!

He's been my little helper for a few months now and he is so awesome at doing things that I really didn't know he could help me with. He catches on so fast with stuff. It's quite amazing.

Here's a few things he helps me with (for real):

1. He helps me with the putting the clean dishes away. He knows to wait until I get the "bad things" out - like knives. He knows where the cutting boards, pans, pots, snack bowls, and baking sheets belong. He used to just wait for me to give him something and then tell him where it goes. Now, he just takes things out and puts them where they go. He gives me the silverware one piece at a time. He gives me plates (I know...scary...but he waits for me to take it from him. He's pretty patient with this). He's a great help with this stuff!

2. He helps with laundry. He gives me clothes to put into the washer or I give him clothes to put in the dryer. He picks up clothes on the floor and puts them in the "dirty box." I haven't come up with something better yet. For now, it's the "dirty box." LOL

3. He cleans up his toys with my help before naptime, bedtime, or when we are getting ready to go out the door.

4. He gets himself ready to go when I ask. He doesn't know how to put anything on, but he will get his shoes and socks for me.

The list goes on I'm sure, but it's late and prego brain is terrible. But isn't that just amazing? He is the best helper in the world!

He's even started doing things to be a big brother. Like, when he needs a diaper change...I ask him to get a diaper for me. Or if it is bedtime, I ask him for his pajamas. Sometimes, I throw in some things like "Can you get Alex's pajamas?" He knows where his stuff is and where Alex's things are, too. And he does it. He is so great!

 At first, I thought that he'd be confused with me asking for Alex's things, but he must know more about this new baby thing. I guess he would have to, right? There's another bed in his room. And, his rooms that used to just be blue with elephants now has some green with lions. I'll ask him where Alex is, too. He looks at his tummy first and makes a face, but then comes to me and pulls my shirt up and pats my tummy. Such a silly guy! We are learning about babies, too. He knows that he has to be quiet when a baby is sleeping - if he sees anyone (or Max, our dog) sleeping, he puts a finger on his nose and says, "Shhhh...." very softly.

I can't wait to see his face when he sees Alex! That's going to be so much fun (and super! Oh well, I guess I will know all about that in 5 weeks :)

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