Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!

We headed out for early Mass this morning so we could get to a party afterwards. A birthday party! A birthday party for Baby Jesus. How cute! I love that our church does this. During the 8:30 Mass, we have the Children's Liturgy. If you aren't familiar with this idea, it is a great program for children of all ages (typically beginning around 3 or 4 years old and to about 2nd grade). After the opening prayers, just before the first reading begins, the priest calls all children up to the Altar, then the children head out together to the Vestibule to listen to their version of the readings, do a craft, ask questions, etc. It is great! We have not had Andy start this just yet, but maybe next year. We will see.

Anyway, this week, after Mass the children who attend this program (and other Sunday school programs within the church, I believe) put on a Nativity play. It was so cute! I wish I had gotten a picture of the little "sheep" - they were so cute! The children playing the sheep wore all black and a white tee that had cotton balls all over it! Love it!

Now, you are probably wondering where the "birthday party" comes into play here... Well, remember Day 17 of Advent? Well, it turns out that Andy did pick out a lovie and a blanket (sort of) for the baby. See, at the birthday party, the gifts that were brought were all donated to Her Choice - a women's center to help those with unplanned pregnancies (like Mary) who refuse abortion. The table of gifts was overflowing! I wish I gotten a pic of this, too! It was wonderful to see! Every child/family that came in had a gift in hand.

Here is what Andy picked out to give to Baby Jesus - the duck is from him and the wearable blanket is from Alex he said :)

Just a few words before closing this post... 

Please, please. If you (or someone you know) are pregnant and are thinking about an abortion, please know and understand the consequences. Abortion is WRONG! There are so many families out there who are unable to have children. Families who pray and plead and beg for a child. Being a mother is hard, but I would not trade it for anything. 

Her Choice Birmingham
2120 7th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233

Phone: (205) 252-0706 

Disclaimer:  This post is not sponsored or affiliated in anyway with Her Choice. The thoughts and feelings expressed about abortion are my own.

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