Friday, June 1, 2012

Tennessee - Day 4 & 5

Note: Did you miss our first few days on vacay? Click a day! DAY 1, DAY 2, and DAY 3

On our fourth day, Terrie and I took a morning walk with the little guys. She was so much fun! Miss you, Terrie! The guys went out to play golf while the rest of us hung out. There was this little shopping area the resort had called "a mall" - clearly, the resort and I have a different definition. But it was cute. Terrie, Sarah, and I found a great little store inside called Collage - and WOW! LOVED IT! Lots of great things to be found in there. That is actually where my golf glove came from :)

Now THAT is a morning walk! How pretty! 

Apparently, that was the only picture I took that day - so on to Day 5!! Jason, the little guys, and I headed out on an adventure to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. It was so much fun for just the 4 of us to get away! It was about an hour and a half (maybe a bit more) drive from where we were staying, but Andrew loved seeing the mountains out the window every now and then during his movie. Lightning McQueen is currently the big thing with him :) Alex enjoyed having a nap, of course. So cute. 

Our first stop was Wonderworks - know to Andrew as the "upside down house."

 See? Upside down house :)

Left: Ready to explore inside - they didn't want pictures yet... 
Right: Looking up, yes, the house is COMPLETELY upside down LOL. Very cool.

Top left going clockwise: Andrew in the space shuttle cockpit listening to the guy talk about landing the shuttle. Andrew flying a jet. Andrew driving either an ATV or a motorcycle...I'm not sure. I was laughing along with him about his driving. Alex taking all the right precautions before taking off in the rocket. Alex and Daddy coming in for a landing.

Space suits! Ha, this reminded me of my week at Space Camp when I was younger. Andrew was kind of worried, but still stuck his head in there for me to get a pic. Alex was just giggling the whole time! Too funny.

 Does anyone know what this is called? Andrew loved making impressions in this thing. 

 Just like Grandma - loves the piano!

 This was so cool. This artist made that crazy wiry sculpture on the wall. When Andrew pushed the button, a light came on to make it's shadow. And look what it made - running horses! WOW!

 Feeling groovy in the dance room!


I had to get a picture of this! See the wand in the middle with the star? Well, that is called "MOM'S MAGIC WAND" I knew it existed!!!! Who knew it was locked up in the Wonderworks Magic Museum? 

After a few hours spent here, we started getting hungry for some yummy lunch and we found it at J.T. Hannah's! YUM! I was really bad and got a burger that was probably 2 days worth of calories LOL. It's vacation, right? 


 THIS is how you should drink tea in the South! And, yes, I am starting to use my mason jars at home for our drink cups now! YAY! Genius. 

 Loved the inside of this place!

After lunch we drove just up the road to Gatlinburg and took in the amazing sights. But my phone did not last long enough to take more pictures. So, I had to use Jason's phone. Here's what I did manage to grab: the boys fast asleep! 

 Such sweeties. And, don't worry. I moved Alex's head and put his baby bunny under his little neck. That didn't look very comfy, but us mamas gotta get the pictures before possibly waking up the little one. ;)

Well, that was the last pics I got - and then my phone died. Good thing for car chargers, right? While mine was charging up, I grabbed Jason's phone and between the two of us we got some great pics of the mountains. But you will have to wait until the next post to see those :)

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  1. The photo of your babies zonked out says it all! I desperately want to walk that trail too!!

    Pay it Forward is open if you want to link up again this month. Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to the photos in that next post.


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