Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Shared Bedroom Adventures

I figured it was time for an update. And, I just realized this is like my 4th post of the day. But, when you are a busy and tired mom this sort of stuff just piles up on you, ya know?

The boys are doing GREAT in their room together. Andrew absolutely loves it! We have not had any trouble at all except the occasional going in to find Andrew is peeking out the window... He hides behind the rocking chair and behind the curtain to check out whatever he thinks is going on out there. He's pretty quiet so you don't know about it unless you go in there. But, he hasn't messed with Alex...yet... It's been really good!!

Alex is definitely on a "schedule" now similar to Andrew's. Andrew goes to bed at 8. Alex at 830 (sometime a bit earlier or later...depends). Alex is still eating once at night - now it has moved up to 3am instead of his typical 1am that he was doing. So that is nice. He gets up again around 530 or 6. Sometimes I will go back to bed, sometimes not. I like the quiet in the house. Though, my house makes noises... Anyway, everyone is up by 7am and ready to start the day. I am so blessed that I have two wonderful sleepers!! YAY!!

The only thing that is still in the works is nap time. Alex is usually in his little seat or laying on the floor when he naps. I don't yet have them napping in the same room. I think that having them separated for this still helps me to be able to take a nap, too. LOL. Hopefully, by the end of the summer, before Andrew starts preschool, I will have them napping together. At least they sleep at the same time :)

Now, for an update on their room! EXCITING! On Monday, the decals came. I got to put them up today. Andrew told me where to put the airplanes. He was so excited about them. And when his Daddy came home, he pulled his hand to lead him all the way into his room to see them. They are really cute! If you want some fun decals, Tweet Heart Wall Art is great!

 The planes are flying all over the place! They are coming into the room from the door...

...and the windows! But they are quiet so they didn't even wake up Alex who fell asleep as the room was beginning to come alive :)

More updates to come - stick around! :D

Where's the party? Head here to find out! 

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