Thursday, February 10, 2011


I do live in the Southeast, right? And the groundhog guy didn't see his shadow, right? So what in the world is going on here...? Pretty morning, but come on!

All covered with snow :)

 I get 2 different comments on our neighborhood. Does it look like Whoville or Harry Potter's Village to you?

The good things about the snow this time was 1)it was gone in the afternoon and 2)our white backyard was dotted with so many beautiful colors:

Daddy Cardinal. OH! You can see Mama below and to the right a bit! I just noticed her! I haven't seen a nest anywhere, but I love it when these two come to visit. Andrew comes and gets me to see them, too.

 But, these blue ones - You should hear the squeals of excitement when these come around. We've only started seeing the bluebirds a few days ago. Andrew will wait at the backdoor for a while to see when they are coming. Look how fat they are! HA! I love them!

We did have a bunch of Yellowhammers come around, too. But they are pretty fast and I couldn't get my camera fast enough. Andrew was kinda loud, too. I think they get scared more than these other ones do. Maybe during his naptime I can get a pic. We'll see.


Multiple snow days? Check.
Being way to cold? Check. 
Winter animals? Check.

Ok, warm weather, hurry it up!

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