Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Resolution: Be AMAZING!

HA! I can wish, right? I have quite a few resolutions this year. Normally, it's the typical no swearing, no junk food stuff. But, Andrew's bigger so things have changed a bit. Most of them are for him actually. Anyhoo! Wanna know what I'm doing differently this year (and hopefully for a long time to come)?

  1. I really want/need to be a better Catholic for Andrew. I've tried before to do this, but it's never worked. But, I think because of Andrew, it will stick this time. So... Andrew and I are going to start attending Mass on Thursdays. We already go on Sundays, but Andrew goes to the nursery. He's at the point now where he knows when I say "shh!" but its the actual understanding of it all. Daily Mass is shorter, too (the prayers that are usually sung on Sundays are said, plus most music is omitted except for the beginning and end). Oh, and Thursday is the school Mass. He will get to see all of the kids from kindergarten and up sit quietly and listen to the "stories."  
  2. I want/need to be a better Catholic for me. In the "me" case, I'm planning on praying the rosary weekly (instead of monthly). And... (gasp!) go to confession monthly. I haven't been since the week of our wedding and that was over 3 years ago. So, I'm kinda overdue...just a tad ;)  
  3. Recycle. Alabama is apparently behind the rest of the world in this idea. Why our disposal service does not offer a recycling service is beyond me. Why I cannot find a recycling center close by is also another mystery. But I will find one. This resolution may not start off on the 1st, but it will become a habit. We need to take care of the world we live in, right? So since this looks like it will become a monthly run to whatever place we can find, we at least are going to set up a dedicated spot in our garage for it. Look's like I'm heading to Lowe's for some large bins soon. 
  4. And one that everyone claims they will more money! Yeah, I've become one of those coupon clippin mamas, too. But, whatever we save will go straight to our new home. And, thankfully, our prayers were answered and we are having a boy. So, more savings there. And, I'm starting a new thing where each month is going to be a challenge - slash the budget somewhere. Like groceries...instead of spending X like last month, I will have to spend less. My motivation? Get my children in Hoover City Schools - at the very beginning. Pray that we move within 4 years... I'm not sure how much longer we can handle Redneck Boy's big ass truck obsession (looooong story...just pray for us).
 Well, this decade is almost over, people. I hope everyone had a super 2010 and will have an even better 2011!

Happy New Year!!

By they way, I'm so going to wear some 2011 glasses. You'll see :)


    1. I am so with you on the saving money part! I used to be good at using coupons, but I've been slacking lately. Have you ever heard of the website Catholic Icing? They have a lot of cute crafts/ideas to teach Catholic beliefs to kids. Happy New Year!

    2. I just hope I can do it. Target and I have issues...

      No I havent heard of that one - Googling now :) Thanks!!

      Happy New Year to you, too!


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