Friday, December 3, 2010

The Man

Since we just had Thanksgiving/Christmas in Georgia this year, Jason got Andrew an early Christmas present. We thought it would be fun for the great-grands and the grands to see Andrew open some presents. First, can I just say that it took Jason quite a while to pick out the perfect gift for his little boy. Scratch that...the perfect basketball hoop. It had to be the right color. Did it come with a basketball? Does the height adjust? Will he grown into it? Will he play with Daddy? The list of specifics goes on for quite a while. It was insanity... And, all I could think (other than, OMG he is so cute with this picking out a present thing!) was this what men go through when us girls are shopping?! It was crazy. We had about 6 or so tabs opened up for each toddler basketball set, 3 or 4 tabs for stores to compare prices, and some website up for parent reviews. Very intense stuff for a basketball hoop. But, it's ok. His little boy has the best basketball hoop and they BOTH love it!

Can you believe it is December? I was freezing last night at the parade and today Andrew and I had t-shirts under our hoodies. Wacky weather, huh? Anyhoo! Look at this sporty little guy! I hope he is going to be tall like Jason! He can keep on with those slam dunks! And, yes, he is totally sporting Thomas the Tank Engine. That jacket with match t-shirt (which is definitely underneath) are his favorite things to wear. Seriously. He gets mad if it is in the hamper and he can't wear it... I've now moved that all into the laundry room. LOL

As for the rest of the evening, I was excited to watch the Polar Express with Andrew for the first time. He really liked it! Well, there is a train...of course he liked it! And where did he sit? The best seat in the house! His Anywhere Chair!! I've been dying for this (thanks again Nana & Grandpa!) since I found out I was pregnant with him! So, yes, best seat with all his elephants, his drink, his toy box, and even a bell. You know he had to have a Christmas bell to watch the Polar Express. Hello!

Just before we hear the train a coming...

This was the part when they got to the Elves. He was pointing to them - LOL!

Not sure what the rest of the weekend has in store for us, but we will let you know about whatever it is!


  1. heather that is so cute with the basketball goal. Must be a dad thing because Caleb did the same thing looking for one for the kids to share and we ended up with the same one that you guys have so it must really be the best. Hope you guys have a great holiday.

  2. lol that is too funny! it must be the best for sure!! hope you guys have a great holiday too!! :)


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