Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shared Bedroom - Need Help!

Ok, so we find out in 2 days if Andrew is getting a brother or a sister. I can't take it anymore! I hate NOT knowing! UGH!

Anyhoo! To help with getting through these next 2 days, I have some room layouts that I need help with. Please help me decide! The room is 11 x 13 and everything is set to scale on these photos. So which one? I've marked which crib is Andrew's. Oh, and his crib will actually turn in to a toddler bed on his 2nd birthday. Just something to keep in mind when helping me decide. Thanks!

Andrew switches to the other side of the window. A's things needed during the nighttime feedings are all right there on one side of the room.

Andrew and A share a side of the room. dressing/changing/nursing area on the other. Andrew's crib doesn't move from it's current location.

 Same as before, beds are just placed differently.

Different placement. Andrew's crib doesn't move from it's current location.

Each of a side of the huge window. Andrew's crib doesn't move from it's current location.

No, I don't have any lamps or rugs or toy boxes showing on these pics, but they will all be placed where needed depending on which layout is chosen. 

I can't wait to find out what we are having. I have 2 great ideas for decorating and I am dying to know which it will be! I will let you know when I do!

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  1. Okay, coming from someone who's twin's shared a room, I vote for the first or last layout! You want them away from each other b/c if one wakes up in the night, the other won't be woken up in the process!
    just my 2 cents...


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