Friday, December 17, 2010

What does "A" Stand For?


We are having a boy!!

This morning at 8:30, we (yep, all of us!) went in and saw our new sweet baby BOY! Our little Alex :) Only this time, we were able to do the 3D ultrasound along with the normal one. He is so cute!! He is weighing at just over a pound right now. Oh, and he might be a kickboxer LOL! You could watch him punch and kick all over the place! It was quite funny. Andrew though it was funny, too - at least he was laughing when we were. So wanna see???

Alex, we can't wait to meet you in 17 weeks!

Oh! The winning room layout is #1:

And the boys (hehe!!) are going to have a vintage sports theme going on! Kinda like this, but obviously baby/toddler friendly:

We are sooo excited!!!


  1. CONGRATS!!! i'm so excited for you guys and i love the name! I totally predicted you'd have another boy-- it's got Manthey blood, of course it's a boy :)

  2. Thanks!! I was really nervous going in this morning, but so relieved now! LOL! Girls are scary!


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