Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Two hats are always better than one! And, a messy face always looks cute! Andrew and Tusker think so anyway. :)

This morning Jason surprised me by saying, "Let's go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast so you won't have to cook." I was so excited! Cracker Barrel is my #2 favorite place to eat. Surin West is #1 - in case you were wondering!! Awesome sushi! Anyhoo, that is how we started our celebration for New Year's Eve and it didn't stop there.

After a fantastic breakfast, we headed over to Best Buy and bought some things we weren't planning on (Hey! the New Year isn't until tomorrow people. And that is when all the the crazy happens! Not today. Tomorrow!) We got Wii Resort and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. I know. Don't start. The obsession with that game will never end. Thank you, Blizzard. But, I really do think that it will be okay this time. Andrew is older and wants to play with Jason. So, computer time for him has been cut waaaay down actually. It is nice to have me time, too. I like not having to attend to other people every minute of every hour. But, I digress :)

One we made our crazy purchases, we strolled down to the bookstore and whatnot. It was so nice outside today. Warm, but with a cool breeze. Perfect. So perfect, that after Andrew took his nap... He drove (i.e mommy pushed) his little Cozy Coupe around our neighborhood. Yeah, I know. I used to have it in the house, but Christmas kinda made less room for bigger toys. The Coupe is now parked in the garage where it belongs.

Oh yeah! And dinner - it was cooking alllllllll day! I made a yummy Italian pot roast complete with loaded mashed potatoes, greens beans, and Southern corn bread :) YUM!

But the real "party" started afterward. The festival of laughing until it hurts.

So, I'm sitting (finally - omg, I'm amazed my feet have not yet begun to swell...) and we are laughing with Andrew about his party hat and how Max is scared of the horns (poor fur ball). Then, I'm holding Andrew and saying, "Andrew, when your Daddy and I were younger and you weren't here just yet...well, it was much different on New Year's." LOL. But, for real. Do you even know how many times I've tired to get us to go to a New Year's Ball/Party/Extravaganza of some sort?! UGH!

Well, of course, Jason says, "Nah-uh! We've gone out" and proceeds to explain various CHRISTMAS parties. Um, no. NEW YEAR'S not CHRISTMAS. Then he tells me about my parent's New Year's party. OK, 1) My brothers were all there - a party PARTY doesn't involve kids (sorry boys, I do love you very much though. 2) That first reason doesn't even matter because we were NOT 21!!! You can't ring in the New Year if you can't have some bubbly. Lame.

Then, all of a sudden....


He was really serious. He asked me how old we were and what year this was. Are you kidding me? Then comes the laughing-til-it-hurts-and-we-have-tears-in-our-eyes. Andrew was laughing, too! That made it even funnier. He didn't even understand and he was laughing like he totally did. Such a cutie!

So, yes, honey. We are 25. And, maybe next year we can go out on the town (wink wink!)

Happy New Year, everyone!!

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  1. yep. its official. we are old. and boring. i am blogging and watching TV in one room and john is watching football in the other room. we.are.lam-O!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

    happy new year!!


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